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3 Important Reasons To Hire A Dog Bite Attorney

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Have you recently been involved in an altercation with a dog that belongs to someone else? Do you have doctor or vet bills that need to be paid and you're not sure what to do? For many people, their first instinct is to take the dog's owner to small claims court. While this can sometimes be a good idea, small claims court isn't the right choice for everyone. If you have, or expect to have, ongoing expenses as a result of the attack, hiring a lawyer can be a better course of action for you. If you're still not sure whether or not you want  to go this route, here are some reasons why you should seriously consider doing so:

No money up front: Unlike some other types of lawyers, a dog bite attorney usually expects no money to begin working on your case. You may still be responsible for court filing fees, but this is something that you'd have to pay regardless of whether or not you hired a lawyer. In lieu of payment up front, your attorney will take a certain percentage of the settlement that they are able to obtain for you. If, for some reason, your case is unsuccessful, you will owe nothing further.

More experience: You may be a fan of reality court television but that doesn't make you an expert in law. Many of the shows that you see on television have either been edited down or dramatized to make better television. If you go into court expecting it to turn out like you've seen on television, then you could be disappointed or wind up losing your case. An experienced dog bite attorney will know proper procedure, allowing you to have a much higher chance of being successful than if you were to try to handle everything yourself.

Assistance with creditors: When you have high bills as a result of an incident that wasn't your fault, it can be frustrating to have creditors calling you on a regular basis. You can tell them that you'd pay them if you could but they'll just keep calling. Once you've hired a dog bite attorney, he or she can contact at least some of these creditors on your behalf. He or she can inform these companies that you are in the midst of a lawsuit and that you'll pay your debts as soon as your settlement arrives. While this may not stop all creditor contact, it can make at least some of them back off for a while as you get things sorted out.