When an Old Accident Haunts You

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Why Is Chiropractic Care Important After An Accident?

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One of the first things to put on your list after an auto accident is a chiropractic visit. There are many reasons to seek out chiropractic care, but here are some of the most valuable.

It Verifies Your Injuries

You will have a hard time getting payment for any of your car accident injuries unless you have bona fide medical records. A chiropractor can provide records of your injuries and treatments that you can show to the insurance provider for proof of your injuries.

They Can Find Health Problems You Missed

A chiropractic center is useful for locating all of your injuries after a car accident. One of the first things the chiropractor will do is conduct a thorough physical. They might find sources of pain that you missed, either because you are still chock-full of adrenaline or because a more acutely painful injury was hiding a more subtle (but also serious) spinal injury. Finding out about all of your health issues right away is important. You will want to include all of your injuries in your initial statement to the insurance company because bringing up new injuries later may create some doubts with the insurance adjuster. You wouldn't want to miss an injury that needs to be covered in your compensation.

It Raises Your Payout

The payout that you receive from the other party's insurance company will depend on a few things, but one of the big ones is the size of your medical bills. The insurance company uses a scale or multiplier to determine pain and suffering compensation. So, if you have a sizable chiropractic bill and medically valid reasons for seeking out this care (such as painful whiplash), then you might receive a settlement that includes 3 times the cost of your medical bills as a pain and suffering compensation. Just keep in touch with your car accident attorney to verify that all expenses you incur are within reason.

It Can Be Affordable

Finally, chiropractic care can be within your reach, even if you are having to pay out of pocket for the expenses before you speak with the insurance company. Have your personal injury attorney work with the chiropractor to make arrangements for your bills to be settled once you receive a settlement check. Many chiropractors are willing to work with lawyers to get patients the care they need in these critical situations, where untreated whiplash can turn into much more. And in turn, a personal injury attorney will help you leverage your medical bills into a better insurance settlement. 

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